Western Calligraphy Goes East (Mac / PC Edition) by Denis Brown.



Western Calligraphy Goes East (MAC / PC Edition) by Denis Brown.



The introduction to this DVD by Denis Brown.
This film features Irish artist/calligrapher Denis Brown making large scale art in China for the Beijing Rosewood Hotel in 2013. The production of a 5 metre (17 foot long) artwork with Chinese and Western calligraphy is comprehensively documented. Also featured is the making of eight, floor-to-ceiling installation pieces featuring Denis Brown's custom glass techniques. These works feature enlarged floral imagery behind layers of writing engraved on glass and clear acrylic sheets, making rich textural compositions. Techniques shown include various styles of Western and Chinese calligraphy, several kinds of experimental gilding, painting and glass engraving. Denis Brown narrates the episodes explaining his processes and relating the difficulties and problems he encountered working alone without Chinese language in a poor suburb of Beijing.

This 1080p High Definition Video, 2 x Disk Package contains Eight half hour episodes, plus a short epilogue.
  • Running time: approx. 4 hours & twenty minutes, plus 55 minutes of extra features.
  • High Definition video on Computer data DVDs for Mac / PC
  • version: minimum screen resolution required is 1024 x 768 pixels, (HD video can be scaled down for screens smaller than 1920 x 1080 pixels).
  • PLEASE NOTE – this is not compatible with TV standard DVD players.
  • Also available as a region free Blu-ray version with Dolby stereo digital audio.
  • In English, no subtitles.

Bookseller’s comments:
Through 8 x 30 minute episodes of fascinating video, Denis takes us through his year-long commission based in China, where he is designing and creating some large scale pieces of work for the new Beijing Rosewood Hotel that under construction while he was there in 2013.

These DVDs are described as being a “Documentary Style” as opposed to a “Educational Style”, however, one can still learn a lot about the process and difficulties of taking on a large project like this one.

Over an hour and a quarter of addition video footage complement the interesting and informative 8 x 30 minute episodes. Another excellent product from Denis Brown

1st edition, 2015, 2 x DVD set for Mac and PCs, over 5 hours running time.

Western Calligraphy Goes East (MAC / PC Edition) by Denis Brown.
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