Hopes and Dreams – Members of Letter Exchange



Hopes and Dreams – Members of Letter Exchange



An exhibition catalogue by members of Letter Exchange.

The introduction to the book by the chairman of Letter Exchange:
A manifesto is a public declaration of intent, an opportunity to put into words your hopes and dreams, your vision and plans. It's a way to encourage support for your ideas, to influence others and inspire support for your point of view. Whether political, artistic, or religious, manifestos have been the source of some of the most important, influential, and thought-provoking concepts in history.

For this exhibition, Letter Exchange invited our members to submit works based around the theme of manifestos. The broad brief allowed participants to explore this rich and diverse catalogue of texts to discover phrases and passages that resonate with them or indeed inspire them to create their own.

As a result, the words in the exhibition are eclectic and diverse, in turns enigmatic, obscure, uplifting and inspirational. But this diversity of content is matched by the range of approaches to the treatment of those texts. We are an organization of professionals in the lettering arts, our members are individual practitioners. The strength of Letter Exchange lies in our diversity.

Our members may fall into broad categories - letter cutting, calligraphy, type design, and typography - but we each have our own way of working. What we do as an organization is to bring these individuals together to discuss what we have in common and to learn from each other. This interaction encourages experimentation and helps the practice of fine lettering remain contemporary and relevant.

When Letter Exchange was established in 1988, we did so with our founding principles, looking at it in this context that could be seen as our manifesto. We set out the aims of Letter Exchange as the:
  • promulgation of exhibitions of the lettering arts and crafts,
  • organization of visits to events and/or places of interest,
  • collation and dissemination of relevant information;
  • creation of a forum for discussion and debate;
  • assistance of members and bona-fide students, and
  • promotion of the professional use of fine lettering.
These are still as relevant to us today as they were when they were founded, and this exhibition embodies all of those aims. The exhibits demonstrate an innate understanding of letterforms and are executed with the technical skill that underpins our commitment to the very best in the lettering arts. But over and above that, the experimentation, the willingness to try new ideas, to learn from our peers and to create something different is what lies at the heart of Letter Exchange.

In many ways, this exhibition can be seen as a manifest Letter Exchange, this is what we are about. The best practitioners of contemporary fine lettering producing new and challenging works, experimenting with materials and techniques to deliver thoughts and ideas in ways that will stand out and be memorable. Mark Noad, Chairman, Letter Exchange.

Bookseller’s comments:
A lovely little exhibition catalogue containing exquisite pieces by: John Neilson, Jilly Hazeldine, Giles Macdonald, Rosella Garavaglia, Mourad Boutros, Robbie Schneider, Edward Wates, Eric Marland, Sue Hufton, Geoffrey Winston, Sally-Mae Joseph, Mark Noad, Brenda Berman, Errol Donald, Mark Firth, Gaynor Goffe, Tom Perkins, Henk Welling, Ann Brown, Richard Kindersley, Louise Tiplady, Will Hill, Andrew Whittle, Annet Sterling, Stephen Raw, Sally Castle and Cherrell Avery. Simply marvellous!

1st edition, 2015, paperback, 54 pages, 16.5 x 22 cm

Hopes and Dreams – Members of Letter Exchange
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