Lettering 101 for Scrapbooks & Cards by Kathleen Vandiver



Lettering 101 for Scrapbooks & Cards by Kathleen Vandiver



Synopsis of the book by Suzanne McNeill:
Lettering adds colour and interest to album pages, notes, cards, stationery and personalized items.

Lettering 101 gives patterns and ideas to make all your lettering projects easier than ever. You can trace or copy the designs, or use them as guides to practice drawing your own letters.

Just follow the easy steps to make letters, names, words and titles that accent every theme.

The introduction to the book by the author:
There are many different ways to add colour to your designs. Most of the artwork in this book was done with permanent markers and coloured pencils, but there are many more options.

Markers are great for clean, bright colours. If done in permanent ink, they will last for a very long time without fading.

Coloured pencils are ideal for designs that require a lot of shading. Colours can easily be blended together. Pencil colours can also be varied by the number of layers applied. Also, try opaque watercolours for a vibrant hand-printed look.

Use artist chalks applied with a sponge or cotton applicator for a soft old-fashioned look. Another fun thing to try is cutting your letters directly from coloured cardstock for a bright, sharp design.

Learning how do draw creative letters and boarders is a simple and unique way to personalize and accent so many things. If you take the time do learn the basics and practice, soon you will realise how easy, enjoyable and effective these techniques can be!

Use this book for ideas and instructions on how to create many designs and lettering styles. You can decorate anything, including scrapbooks, stationery, greeting cards and much more!

Most lettering styles can be expanded into many more styles simply by changing the way the basic letter design is treated. After you have drawn a letter, experiment with different colours and patterns, like those on this page and throughout the book.

After the letter is outlined and coloured, you can add more accents and details that totally transform a simple letter.

Adding a fun pattern or fill-in technique to a letter is the best way to make it fit any occasion, holiday or theme perfectly. For more pattern ideas, look around at wallpaper, clothing, decorations, nature, etc. and you will find more patterns that you can transfer to your artwork.

Remember to match your colours to the theme of the design. You will be amazed at the unique and fun patterns you can create.

Booksellers comments:
101 Great ideas for making some off the wall letters for both kids and adults to have fun with.

1st edition, 2002, paperback, 35 pages, full colour throughout, 21.7 x 28 cm

Lettering 101 for Scrapbooks & Cards by Kathleen Vandiver
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