Celtic Calligraphy by Kerry Richardson



Celtic Calligraphy by Kerry Richardson



Publisher’s Synopsis:
Celtic calligraphy crosses the boundaries between art, tradition and craft.

With instruction on how to draw letterforms derived from original Celtic manuscripts like The Book of Kells, and with step-by-step explanations of knotwork, orders, motif and illumination, this book will show you how to transform your writing into unique works of art worthy of the mediaeval Celtic scribes.

About the author
Kerry Richardson's love for knotwork, calligraphy and ancient Celtic designs emerged in her teenage years. She has been a full-time artist for over twenty years and in that time she has practised her craft and created her own original knotwork designs.

Kerry has exhibited nationally in art shows and museums, and taught her art form across the UK, enthusing others to become as passionate about Celtic calligraphy as she is. She hopes to bring this artistic style back to the forefront of fashion where it truly belongs. Kerry lives in Nottinghamshire.

The introduction to the book by the author:
This book will introduce you to the world of Celtic calligraphy, knotwork designs and illumination. This is a fascinating world of beautiful and intricate designs, one that l have been exploring for more than twenty years. lt has been a voyage of discovery, love and enthusiasm.

Although the dense knotwork and lettering may look complicated at first glance, it is quite easy to do if you know how. This book invites you to join me on my journey, and will help you to achieve the intricate overlaps and distinctive forms of the letters through simple step-by-step instructions.

Celtic calligraphy has a multitude of uses, from the purely decorative to the practical. You can use it in creating original artwork, personalized greeting cards, stationery and many other forms of artistic expression. Although the origins of the art are rooted in the ancient world, its mystical and often ethereal beauty also sits well in our modern lives.

All aspects of the Celtic calligraphic art form are covered through the demonstration of techniques that will allow you to achieve stunning results. My hope is that you will go on to develop your own personal interpretation of the art and pass it down to a new generation, so that this wonderful and ancient art can live on.

I hope that you will find the contents of this book interesting, the instructions easy to understand, and the end results rewarding. I hope that you become as passionate about this art form as I am myself and that you will be inspired to create your own projects. I would forewarn the reader that Celtic calligraphy and knotwork can take over your life - but rest assured that it will take over in a very pleasant and enjoyable way!

Booksellers comments:
This is a nice, compact book that will be ideal for any calligrapher wishing to understand more about Celtic calligraphy and knotwork. Kerry covers the history of Celtic calligraphy and the materials and techniques required. This is followed with instruction on the letterform, knotwork, and knotwork corners. Once these basics are understood, she then helps you with colouring and embellishment of your work with floral, foliage, fruit, insects and zoomorphic motifs.

Kerry also provides a couple of projects for “Bless this Home” and “St Patrick's Day”. Celebration pieces that you can hang in your hall.

1st edition, 2014, hardback, 96 pages, very well illustrated manly in full colour, 16 x 21.5 cm

Celtic Calligraphy by Kerry Richardson
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