Creative Lettering and Beyond by Various Contributors



Creative Lettering and Beyond by Various Contributors



Publisher’s Synopsis:
Learn how to create beautiful, hand-lettered arts and crafts with Creative Lettering and Beyond, a sophisticated, interactive book full of creative prompts, fun exercises, and simple step-by-step projects. From modern calligraphy and illumination to illustration and chalk, you will discover a variety of clever and unique ways to turn words and letters into swoon-worthy projects that can be used for gifts, home décor, and more! Among other things, you will learn how to create swirls and flourishes, free-brush letter on canvas, make your own chalkboard, decorate ceramics, and digitize your work for printing! Along the way, you’ll find plenty of inspiration and helpful artist tips to encourage and educate you in your creative lettering journey, as well as numerous open practice pages to help you develop your own lettering style.

Introduction to the book: From creative calligraphy to illustrative illumination, lettering is a beautiful way to write and draw words – with just a pencil, a pen, chalk, or paint, you can turn 26 little letters into swoon-worthy works of art!

In Creative Lettering and Beyond, you’ll find a variety of creative prompts and exercises and easy-to-follow, step-by-step projects that cover a range of styles and mediums, from pens, watercolour, and gouache to chalk, wood burning, and even using digital tools! Each project, prompt, and exercise features simple instruction and beautiful images to inspire. With the guidance of the four talented artists featured in this book, you will learn how to turn your own hand lettering into works of art, stationery, gifts, and more.

In hand lettering, the rules of typography are meant to be broken. You can customize letters and words and push the boundaries, developing your own rules and methods as you go. So let your imagination run free. Your letters can be imaginative, whimsical, elegant, or quirky – the choice is yours! Like most art forms, lettering requires practice. Don’t give up if your first letterforms do not come out the way you imagined. Just keep at it, and soon the curves, shapes, and forms will come naturally.

With the lettering projects in this book - and helpful artist tips throughout – you will soon be on your way to developing and mastering your own unique style of lettering. So get your creative gears spinning...this is just the beginning!

How to use this book:
The prompts, projects, and exercises in this book are designed to inspire you to create beautiful hand-lettered works of art, gifts, home décor, and more. You can find the supplies for all of the projects, prompts, and exercises at your local arts and craft store or favourite art supplies retailer and hardware stores. This book is divided in to four sections:
  • Modern Calligraphy with Laura Lavender
  • Illustrated Lettering with Gabri Joy Kirkendall
  • Chalk Lettering with Sharna Lynn Panczyszyn
  • Lettering Crafts with Julie Manwaring
In each section, you will find helpful information about the tools and materials you can use to create gorgeous lettering in various mediums, as well as a series of prompts, exercises, and step-by-step projects to help bring your hand lettering to life. Along the way, you'll find helpful artist tips to encourage and inspire, as well as open practice pages throughout for you to try out techniques and sketch your own ideas.

Ready to get started? Turn the page to begin creating beautiful hand-lettered art!

1st edition, 2014, paperback, 144 pages, fully illustrated throughout, 22.4 x 29.7cm

Creative Lettering and Beyond by Various Contributors £12.99 EUR 16.01