Creative Tangle by Trish Reinhart



Creative Tangle by Trish Reinhart



Publisher’s Synopsis:
Create your own Original Patterns for Zen-Inspired Art

Many an artistic soul has fallen in love with the beautiful, meditative art of Zentangles, an easy-to-learn way of creating pleasing images using repeating patterns. For enthusiasts ready to take it to the next level, Creative Tangle is the first book to show how to invent your own original patterns inspired by everyday items like rugs, pottery, scrapbook paper, fabrics in your clothes closet, a vine in your garden. Virtually everywhere you look are shapes and patterns just waiting to be tangled! Turn to the fresh ideas in this book for showcasing your one-of-a-kind designs on a range of pretty, practical items. You will unleash your creativity and look at your world in a whole new, wonderfully tangled way!

What’s inside this book:
  • A fun and simple 3-step process for designing your own tangles
  • 24 fantastic off-the-tile projects, from name signs, wine glasses and decorative wrappings to pendants, zendalas and tangled pet portraits
  • Expert tips for embellishing pre-existing patterns, creating themes, and adding colour to your tangles
  • Inspiration photos, new patterns and templates

Introduction to the book by the author:
I stumbled across Zentangle quite by accident. Like many other Crafters, I was in the midst of researching material on the Internet. My attention was diverted to a link on the side of the screen, directing me toward some unusual design form that I had never seen before. Being the curious-minded person that I am, I proceeded to the link and discovered one of the best “finds” of the crafting industry in the last ten years. This little gem had staying power, and I immediately wanted to learn all I could about it.

Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas are the two genius minds behind creating this unique art form. They discovered the calming effects of drawing simple, repetitive patterns on paper, a drawing technique that unlocks creativity and provides medicinal benefits. It is also simple to learn, requires few materials, and can be done anywhere on a multitude of surfaces.

I should first tell you what this book is not. It isn’t a beginners introduction to Zentangle basics. If you are a beginner, I implore you to first check out the series of books written by Suzanne McNeill or Sandy Steen Bartholomew. Both are Certified Zentangle Teachers (CZT’s). When I first discovered Zentangle, theirs were among the few books on the market that covered that subject matter. They provide all the basic information youll need to begin your creative journey into the World of Zentangle. The dozens and dozens of patterns showcased in all the books are meant as samples for you to study from and then incorporate into your own designs on paper. As with any skill, you need to start with the basics before you can master the craft. This series of books is the best place to start. You may also further explore the origins of Zentangle by visiting the founders website at

With the above in mind, this book will help you take your Zentangles to the next level. I’ve written from an artist’s point of view so that I could expand on some basic design principles necessary to creating your own patterns. There will be helpful tips on avoiding common mishaps through improper use of materials as well as advice on making your layouts “stand out”. Once you incorporate these principles on paper, you will then be guided to a gallery of applications to showcase your designs. My goal is to get everyone to think like an artist... because, if you haven’t looked in the mirror lately, you already are one! Trish Reinhart

Bookseller’s comments:
This is a good, fun book that clearly explains how to use all the tools and materials that you need to make great Zentangles and pictures. Good fun!!

1st edition, 2014, paperback, 128pp, full colour throughout, 21.1x27.6cm

Creative Tangle by Trish Reinhart
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