Calligraphy Techniques by Mary Noble



Calligraphy Techniques by Mary Noble



Publishers Synopsis:
An essential beginner’s guide to classic alphabets, with over 40 projects and 400 photographs and artworks.

This book covers:
  • How to learn and master the art of calligraphy, from very simple letters in plain black ink to exquisite illuminated lettering in gold leaf.
  • Features all the classic alphabets - both formal and decorative - such as Roman, Foundational, Uncial, Gothic, Italic and Versal, as well as numerals and fractions.
  • A complete guide to calligraphy equipment, including pens, pencils, erasers, rulers, inks, paints, brushes, paint palettes, cutting tools, compasses and protractors.
  • Includes 40 step-by-step projects such as envelopes, posters, t-shirts, gift booklets and perpetual calendars, as well as how to use hand-made papers and metallic paints.
  • Fully illustrated with clear artworks of each type of lettering and numbering, with beautiful photographs of all the finished projects.
The thrill of calligraphy lies in the making of decorative letters with your own hand – the nib moving smoothly over the surface of the paper and leaving nicely proportioned letters in its wake. This book will help you to make and enjoy those first marks, and then develop your skills to write in many different alphabet styles.

Each alphabet featured is illustrated with clear diagrams that show how the letters are constructed, and directional arrows that reveal the correct sequence of nib strokes. Examples show how blocks of text look with different line spacing, how capitals and lower-case letters work together, and how lightweight and heavyweight versions of the same letterform can be created.

The various types of pens, papers, paints and inks available are examined in depth, and guidance is given on which technique and medium is best suited to a variety of different projects. From fountain pens and chisel-edged blushes to cartridge papers and gouache paints, a wide range of creative combinations is covered. The practical projects include labels, posters, t-shirts, notebooks, gift booklets, calendars, greetings cards, bookmarks, gift boxes and gold leaf scrolls.

The final section on design shows how the placement of the text on a page can make all the difference to the success or failure of a project. It explains how to decide line lengths and how to create emphasis where you want it.

Throughout the book, the author strips away the mystique surrounding the subject and shows simply and practically how beginners can discover the possibilities of calligraphy. Readers will soon develop the skill and confidence to produce their own exciting examples of the beautiful handwriting that is calligraphy.

Booksellers comments:
Mary Noble is a professional calligrapher and calligraphy teacher and is amongst the most respected calligraphers in the UK and further afield.

Calligraphy Techniques will be a great asset for anyone that wants to take up the art of calligraphy. As mentioned above, it is packed projects, photographs and has many exhibition quality examples scattered throughout the book.

1st Lorenze Books edition, hardback, 160pp, full colour throughout, fully illustrated, 22.5 x 29cm

Calligraphy Techniques by Mary Noble
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