Foundations of Calligraphy by Sheila Waters



Foundations of Calligraphy by Sheila Waters



Publisher's synopsis:
Sheila Waters is not only a master scribe but also a master teacher, and she has made both her life's work. For more than 20 years of summer workshops, she took scribes through their paces for up to six weeks of in-depth instruction in letterforms (historical and modern) in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Students came from as far away as Australia and Japan for these intensive classes. During the rest of the year, she taught many weekend workshops sponsored by calligraphy guilds throughout the USA and Canada. Nowadays she concentrates on her private classes and three seven-day master classes each year in her home studio.

Sheila's instruction provides an insightful analysis of forms and construction that takes the mystery out of learning calligraphy. She helps you learn how to analyze a script on your own in order to master an alphabet.

In these pages of exemplar alphabets, instruction, and hints, Sheila's shares the knowledge she has gathered during decades of study and practice. The presentation is honed by her years of experience teaching calligraphers how to advance their skill and art.

This material was first printed as a regular feature of Letter Arts Review between 1995 and 2000 and it has been revised and collected for this book.

The foreword to the book by Rose Folsom:
The material in this book first appeared as a series of articles published in Letter Arts Review from 1995 to 2000. The articles were enthusiastically received. When I became editor of Letter Arts Review in 2001, the series had just ended, but I continued to receive letters asking when we would publish more of Sheila's articles.

The popularity of the series confirmed what Sheila's long-time students already knew: that her analytical approach to the study of calligraphy is the firmest foundation for further pursuit of lettering in any style or medium. There are many teachers who can show you how to write, but Sheila also teaches you how to see. The ability to see and to analyze what you are seeing has a lasting value that carries through to all future projects.

Along with its first-rate instruction, this book also has the most excellent examples to copy from, since Sheila is one of the best calligraphers we have.

Edward Johnston wrote that calligraphy is making good letters and arranging them well. In addition to instruction in calligraphy, Foundations of Calligraphy includes chapters on principles of good page layout and design.

Sheila Waters has been studying, practicing, and teaching calligraphy since her days at the Royal College of Art in the late 1944’s, and in these pages, she has handed on her wealth of experience, knowledge, and love of calligraphy. We need this book. Rose Folsom Editor, Letter Arts Review 2001-2006

List of Contents:
  • Foreword to the book by Rose Folsom
  • Introduction to the book by Sheila Waters
  • Chapter 1: Basics & Beyond
  • Chapter 2: Roman Minuscule: Foundational Hand
  • Chapter 3: Capitals
  • Chapter 4: Narrow Hands: From Roman Minuscule to Blackletter
  • Chapter 5: Gothic Cursives
  • Chapter 6: Uncial & Half Uncial
  • Chapter 7: Carolingian
  • Chapter 8: Italic
  • Chapter 9: Italic Variations
  • Chapter 10: Analysis & Practice
  • Chapter 11: Design & Layout
  • Chapter 12: From Conception to Completion
  • Chapter 13: Applying Design Principles
  • Gallery

Bookseller's comments:
At Last!! Sheila Waters’ incredible book Foundations of Calligraphy is now in stock!!

This book is based on a series of articles by Sheila Waters that were published in Letter Arts Review between 1995 and 2000. These articles are still as relevant today as they were when written.

Sheila's 13 articles contained in the book are profusely illustrated with examples and pieces of Sheila's work in monochrome.

This also contains an amazing 10 page (including covers) full colour gallery of many of Sheila’s best known pieces including: Look to This Day (a commissioned piece), her 2003 Holiday Card, What is Man (also a commissioned piece), Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116, Prayer for the Physician (also commissioned), The Grandeur if God (made for a conference faculty show), There is a Tide (from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar), Love is Patient and Kind (a commissioned remarriage gift), and, best of all, and probably my favourite piece of calligraphy ever, her fabulous Roundel of the Seasons.

To be honest, the book is worth buying for the Gallery alone!!

1st edition, 3rd reprint, 2014, hardback, 126pp, 13 comprehensive educational articles in monochrome together with a full colour 10 page gallery, 23x28.5cm

Foundations of Calligraphy by Sheila Waters
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