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“Calligraphy – All Levels… that’s not too helpful to me!! I am very proficient in Gothic and other styles but I want to improve my Copperplate… where are the beginner’s books?”


Well you see, that is exactly my dilemma. So I decided to group this range of books a bit differently…


BASIC INSTRUCTIONAL will cover those books that cover multiple styles with and introduction, guidance and basic projects


INTERMEDIATE INSTRUCTIONAL will cove those that are limited in the scope but provide a deeper level of understanding into the hand


ADVANCED INFORMATIONAL are those books that contain many examples of professional work and those of a more theoretical nature


My Classification is based on my opinion only and probably we will get into many a debate about their ‘correct’ classification (mainly from the authors and lectures I expect). You may also find that some books will be contained in more than one category.      


If there is anything that you cannot find on this site, please send me an e-mail at


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