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More books than you can throw a stick at… that’s what we have here…  when was the last time that you went into the High Street to look for a calligraphy book? How many could you find? Three? Maybe four? And under which section were they classified… CRAFTS!!  Calligraphy is an ART!!


I studied calligraphy back in the mid ‘80’s while I was working in the USA. Before that I was trying to teach myself with little real success… when we moved to the US, my wife noticed that there were Basic Calligraphy Classes available at our local Arts centre, and what’s more, they were free!!


It did not take many lessons to put me on the right track and before long I was making our Christmas Cards and sending them off to the printers while I set to work on handwriting the envelopes. Books and supplies are more plentiful in the USA but still have to be tracked down but over there, that art shops carry a much greater range of books and supplies than you can get in the UK.


My frustration in the UK lead me to investigate this little venture and I am pleased… nay, PROUD to say that I have over 500 different titles on the Lettering Arts and Calligraphy. I also carry an extensive range of supplies, so I should be able to provide you with whatever you need calligraphically.


Probably more important is that I know something about this stuff!! So if you are a complete novice or want to try a new hand and you are looking for a book to help you… I’m your man!! I have managed to match many people with the ideal book for their studies… and if I am wrong then it is a full refund… no problems. 


If there is anything that you cannot find on this site, please send me an e-mail at


Thanks for stopping by,

Charlie Perkins




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