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Ewan Clayton Workshops
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Ewan Clayton Workshops 2013

Ewan Clayton is a calligrapher and teacher. He grew up near the village of Ditchling, Sussex, home to the calligrapher Edward Johnston. His family worked as weavers in the Guild of craftsmen on Ditchling Common founded by Eric Gill in 1921. Ewan was the last member to join the Guild before it closed in 1988. He trained as a calligrapher at the Roehampton Institute with Ann Camp.

For 2012/13 he returns to his roots, to Woodbarton Cottage on Ditchling Common. This was the house where his mother was born and it was once home to the artist and poet
David Jones. The house and orchard were the creation of one of the Guild's founders Desmond Chute.

Ewan will be teaching a special programme of workshops this year reflecting on the Ditchling tradition in lettering and calligraphy. The programme is designed to balance this tradition by acknowledging the role of embodiment in contemporary making.

Two significant events will be marked in 2013, the reopening of the rebuilt
Ditchling Museum and the publication of Ewan's new popular history of writing The Golden Thread by Atlantic Books.

Workshops for 2013

February 2nd/3rd - David Jones weekend
I am repeating this workshop by popular demand. David Jones, poet and painter, was one of the most distinctive voices in lettering in the twentieth century. In this hands-on workshop we will follow his working methods and engage with his letterforms in practical pieces of work. This class will take place in the house where Jones lived from 1921-1924. The house also contains a large mural painted by the artist. Price: £115 payable in advance.

Tuesday February 19th - Think Ink: a one day workshop on using Sumi
I have just received a new order of ink from Japan. This workshop will run through the essentials of using Sumi in stick and liquid form. Topics covered include the manufacture of sumi and its different properties, why one stick is different from another, what makes a good ink stone, care and cleaning of the stone, how to grind sumi, storing sumi, why use sumi. We will also look at coloured sumi.
All participants can test and grind the sumi's for themselves (test sumi and ink stones provided free of charge in the workshop).
And if you have any sumi or ink stones you want me to look at bring them along.
Price £25 for the day. Bring a picnic lunch. Space for 10 people but only for eight cars!    

March 2nd/3rd - An American Uncial: Victor Hammer

Victor Hammer (1882-1967), a lettering artist, painter and printer was the originator of the famous American Uncial type. The letterforms roots lie in his own calligraphy. Hammer worked in Austria and Italy before fleeing persecution in Europe, and settling first at Wells College in upstate New York. His later years were spent in Lexington, Kentucky, where he and his wife Carolyn befriended the monk and writer Thomas Merton. It is because of these links with the group of artists that formed the Catholic Art Association of America (which included Edward Catich, Graham Carey, Ade Bethune (David Meckelburg’s first teacher) and John Howard Benson that I am including Hammer amongst the artists whose work I am studying this year. Many members of the group had close links to Ditchling.
Price £115 payable in advance.

March 23rd/24th - Postwar German Calligraphy - a tasting menu.

I am offering this course as a taster of what is a fascinating area of study. Following the second world war German calligraphers had to turn in new directions. In this workshop with pen and brush in hand we trace the different strategies and techniques adopted by a number of individuals who changed the direction of contemporary calligraphy. They include Karl Georg Hoeffer, Friedrich Poppl, and Hans Joachim Burgert. Price £115 payable in advance.