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Discover What's in Store for you!!
... gives you a good idea of the extent of this store and what is available... it will knock your socks off!!
New Products and Special Offers
This is the area where we will bring new products and special offers to your attention.
Calligraphy for all Levels
Well, we all have to start somewhere and in this section we have tempted to apply some logic as to how to find the books that are appropriate for your level of experience. 
If you are still struggling to find a book that is right for you then do not hesitate to send us an e-mail or give us a call... we are pretty good with matching you with the book you are looking for,,, and if it is not the right book you can return it for a full credit.
Book Arts and Bookbinding
Whether is is contemporary of traditional bookbinding you are interested in, we have pages and pages of help for you here!
Kids Corner - Calligraphy & Paper Activities for Children & Teens
You are never to young to start and when they are ready why not set them off on the right foot... that doesn't sound right. Books for kids about writing, card making, paper folding, origami, and other good stuff. 
Illumination and Manuscripts.
These pages will brighten up your day and you work if you want to add a splash of gold here and there
Can't tell your GURGES from your GULES? or your SHIELDS from your LOZENGES? Well this is the place for you.
Writables - Quotes, Haiku, etc
It's unlikely that you will find a calligrapher that is lost for words but it happens... this is the area for short quotes and things to use for practice or presents
The Saint John's Bible.
This amazing set of books is available here together with books about the project that has been carried out by Donald Jackson and his team.
CDs, DVDs & Vidoes
Has it been a hard day?... Relax and learn.
Colour and how to do it.
When you mix your colours do you always end up with some horrid brownish mess... mine did until I discovered some of these books
The History of Lettering
In this section we try to include all those books whose main subject is the History of Lettering. These books may also be found in other areas of the site.
Italic, Copperplate, Spencerian and other 'specialist' books.
Whilst many of our instructional books cover the above hands, books in this section cover what it says in the title.
Middle-East Scripts
If you are interested in Hebrew, or Arabic Scripts or others from the middle east region, this is the place to look.
Japanese and Chinese Calligraphy
All you need to learn all about Chinese and Japanese Calligraphy... You'll be writing you name in Kanji in minutes.
Graffitti - Lettering or Vandalism?
This is a question I find harder and harder to answer... if you are interested in this style of lettering, our wall is totally sprayed with them
Johnston, Gill and others...
This is the place for all books that are related to the influence that Johnston, Gill and others made to the reinsurgence of the calligraphy movement that began in the early 1900's
This section contain book of interest to the typesetters and font lovers amongst you. This is  new section so keep coming back over the next months to kepp up with the new additions to this area.

Lettering on Stone, Glass, Ceramics, etc
Fancy moving aware from paper and start writing on glass, ceramice  ot writing and cutting letters on'll be interesteed in the books held here


Paper Crafts...
Making Paper, Creating Cards, Paper Engineering, Making Scrapebooks, Origami, Embossing, Iris Folding, and other paper crafts.

Global Calligraphy Group Information
This page is all about your Local Group and it gives you the opportunity to publish your groups programme of activities, classes, workshops, etc free of charge. Click here for more details.
Zentangles, etc.
This new stylistic design has hit the world by storm. Here are some fun books that will help you learn and play with Zentangles
Society of Scribes and Illuminators - Information and Membership.
Are you interested about understanding more about the world's longest running society for calligraphers and lettering artists? Then follow the above link to learn more about The Society of Scribes and Illuminators?