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Welcome to the  Newsletter for February

Special Winter Saint John’s Bible Sale

Until the end of February, we are offering free shipping on any items in out impressive range of Saint John’s Bible publications. This includes every volume of the Saint John’s Bible as well as Illuminating the Word, Susan Sink’s books that discuss the amazing illumination and the BBC DVD.  For your convenience, you can find all the above publications our Saint John’s Bible Page

Here are some recent new additions to our already impressive stocklist:
Wunderkammer – A collection of work by Birgit Nass and Massimo Polello

This beautifully created book is a catalogue of work exhibited by Birgit Nass (Germany) and Massimo Polello (Italy) in 2012. It contains 50 pieces from each of these amazing calligraphers.

Rules were set and the colours of the works were restricted… black, white, blue and beige tones predominating, highlights and accents of red and gold. The canvas size was restricted to 15 x 15 cm, which is also the size of the reproductions in the catalogue.

By the way, Wunderkamer is a word used in both Germany and Italy that means “a cabinet of curiosities”.  A very inspirational little book!

Click here for more details.


Take Your Pleasure Seriously - the life and work of Luca Barcellona

I first heard the name Luca Barcellona around the middle of 2012. Since then we have become FaceBook friends and I have got to know a lot more about the man, his history and his work. During his teenage school years in the early nineties, Luca already had an interest in lettering, however, his school bag often carried cans of spray paint rather than school books and he spent his time creating ‘roughs’ for letters that often ended up on the walls and trains of the area he was living in. After leaving school he worked as a graphic designer and although his interest in creative lettering was still strong, he became discouraged when he was being urged to use Graphic Design software for his work. In 2003 he got a job in a record store and started taking ‘writing’ jobs in his spare time as well as working with some friends for the next 6 years taking on graphic design work building up an impressive client list.

This is a stunning, stunning book that discusses and shows Luca’s journey from graffiti, graphics, design and calligraphy. Highly recommended!

Click here for more information

Edward Johnston: Lettering and Life by Ewan Clayton

This publication has been produced in conjunction with an exhibition that was held at Ditchling Museum in 2006, with Pen, Ink and Paper: Being Edward Johnston to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the publication of Writing & llluminating, & Lettering, and to place this major work in the context of his life and other work. Ditchling in Sussex was Johnston's home for thirty years and it was here that he developed his famous typeface, 'Johnston Sans’ and where he continued to develop his calligraphic hand.

Ewan Clayton, through his understanding of the complexities and concerns facing a practitioner, has provided a fascinating insight into Johnston the calligrapher as well as Johnston the man. Alongside Ewan's text, Professor Phil Baines has provided an introductory essay that assesses Johnston's impact on the typographic world alongside that of his colleague Eric Gill and their continuing legacy.

Click here for more information

LETMAN – The Artwork and Lettering of Job Wouters

I adore Job Wouters’ vibrant and colourful work. This book contains over 150 pages of amazing colourful calligraphy, graphics and design work from Job Wouters.

Job works under the pseudonym Letman and is internationally known for his trailblazing illustration and lettering. This book is not only full of amazing decorative letters and typefaces, but also impressive graphic design, screen printing, graffiti, illustration, and painting.

Click here for more information

Hand to Type – Scripts, Hand-Lettering and Calligraphy edited by Jan Middendorp

The book features work by some of today’s most successful and original calligraphers and lettering artists. In addition to fonts and lettering using the Latin alphabet, it introduces artists who explore Cyrillic, Arabic, and Greek scripts.

The book's rich visual examples are complemented by in-depth interviews with outstanding calligraphers and type designers conducted by editor Jan Middendorp. Hand to Type also offers a revealing glimpse into processes by which handmade letters may be turned into digital files. Prominent guest authors introduce the workings of scripts with which many readers may be less familiar – from Arabic and Indian writing systems to the amazing scripts found in pre-war German school books and on Amsterdam pub windows. 240 pages of bliss!

Click here for more information

29 jan 13 @ 6:28 pm gmt

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The Painted Letters of Adolf Bernd
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